October 1st, 2012

It’s been a long time coming – seriously, this has been in my pipeline for over a year – which is to say that is was gathering dust for quite some time, but here it is, finally, and after all, who’s counting?

Anyway, WPC proudly presents: Walled up!, a modular set to give you walls of fire and ice, magical cages and screens of smoke and lightning, for powerful wizards, devious traps or ancient prisons.

  • wall pieces in six flavors (Fire, Gas, Smoke, Lightning, Ice and Magic)
  • various lengths for straight and angled walls
  • support pylons in four different colors
  • option for transparent supports
  • .studio-cutfiles for everything.

Use the link below to receive a discount – only valid for the first week after the release!

RPGNow product page

WPC Walls Promo 1

WPC Walls Promo 2