July 4th, 2011

This isn’t about a paper model, but about something I recently cobbled together for my group. It all started with a mysterious ship from which emanated an eery blue light. I had the miniature already picked (a ghost beholder, but don’t nail me on the precise name) and I got the idea to add some shine to it.

What you need:
1 button battery, 3V
1 LED of the color of your choice (blue in this case)
1 paperclip, coated or in any other way made non-conductive
1 piece of paper as an impromptu off-switch

I think pics explain it best. What I did was to put the battery between the LED’s two legs (the right way around, but since there’s only two ways of doing it that wasn’t hard). Then I fixed it using the paperclip. This is also why it is important to have an isolated one, so you don’t short out your battery. Final piece is the piece of paper to break the connection on one side. I also bent and twisted the LED to suit my needs, to be seen below.

LED-button basic assembly, off
LED-button basic assembly, on

Here’s the result: first, the miniature itself, then two pics with the LED on. It looks even better in reality, and, of course, when the other lights are not to bright.

in action
Miniature, without light
Miniature, LED on
Miniature, LED on