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Release: Oracle of Dragon Teeth

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Predict the future and impress your friends!

This set comes with twelve different kinds of dragon teeth, each in six different variations for use as tokens, trophies or currency. You also get the original Bay-Teh’Meh, the famed first Oracle of Dragon Teeth, consisting of twelve teeth gathered from the mightiest – or noteworthiest – dragons and adorned by its owners in various ways.

Here’s what you get:

– twelve kinds of dragon teeth (six versions each, two sets per sheet)
– a sheet with one of each kinds of teeth for use as a basic oracle
– a sheet with the twelve teeth of the original Oracle of Dragon Teeth, the Bay-Teh’Meh
– descriptions of all the twelve more or less unique kinds of dragons
– the story of the dragon that gave a tooth to the Bay-Teh’Meh – or at least what is known about it
– detailed instructions (but don’t worry, it’s really easy)

You can print out as many copies as you need for yourself and your gaming group, even if your Oracle gets incinerated by dragon’s fire!

(Legal note: Walking Papercut cannot be held accountable for any other damage inflicted by enraged dragons. Also, predict the future at your own risk!)

Get your own Oracle of Dragon Teeth now at RPGNow!

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Taking it slow

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I’m in the process of learning three new software tools, and I feel confident that I will be able to use them properly soon, so get ready for a release soon.

It probably won’t be a model yet, though, but something much flatter.

Also, I’m working on too many projects at once as any self-respecting maniac does, so I won’t be so bold to give release dates for the projects I describe here as they may come up. This way, nobody will be disappointed ;).

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